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Customers can now lease a car quickly and easily. Direct Motor Groups offers same-day delivery in surrounding areas.

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Buy your next car 100% online. Get instant upfront pricing on all our vehicles.

Direct Moto Group How It Works

Business Car Leasing

We have access to a huge selection of all manner of business vehicles, and we can offer discounts no matter your location.

Trade In Your Leased Car

Leasing a vehicle gives you a chance to drive a new car for a set term. Direct Motor Group gives you the opportunity to Return your Lease with us and get cash. 

Benefits For You

Direct Moto Group Leasing Or Buying A New Car

Leasing A New Car

• You drive the car during its most trouble-free years. • You’re always driving a late-model vehicle that’s usually covered by the manufacturer’s new-car warranty. • The lease may even include free oil changes and other scheduled maintenance. • You can drive a higher-priced, better-equipped vehicle than you might otherwise be able to afford. • Your vehicle will have the latest active safety features. • You don’t have to worry about fluctuations in the car’s trade-in value or go through the hassle of selling it when it’s time to move on. • There could be significant tax advantages for business owners. • At the end, you just drop off the car at the dealer.

Buying A New Car

• Requires more money up front, and each month. • Can pay off your auto loan, which eliminates a monthly cost. • Usually costs less long term, but have to be concerned about warranty expiring. • Have the freedom to sell or trade it in whenever you want. • No mileage limitations, but keep in mind the car drastically depreciates with higher mileage. • Buying limits you to buy the car you want based on budget. While leasing allows you to drive a car that could be out of your price range otherwise.
Direct Moto Group Mistakes To Avoide

Mistakes To Avoid When Leasing A Car

New car without worrying about down payment, extra maintenance, or selling it when you are ready to move on.

Our Upfront Pricing Guarantee

We guarantee 100% transparent and upfront pricing providing every detail of your purchase

About Us

Direct Motor Group hit the ground running in 2015, and now it seems as if the top New York vehicle leasing company has been around forever. That’s because good ideas catch on quickly and tend to go viral. Direct Motor Group got its start with an excellent idea.

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