Pickup Checklist

What To Expect When You Pickup Your Car

Please Have The Following Items Ready

Necessary Items

If you have a Trade-in

Step 1

Your Arrival

Your Delivery Specialist will have your new car prepped and paperwork ready for your scheduled pickup date and time.

Direct Motor Group Car
Step 2

ID Verification

Once we arrive at your specified location your Delivery Specialist will verify your license and identity.

Direct Motor Group ID Verification
Step 3


Your Delivery Specialist will walk you through the paperwork, verify the numbers, answer any questions you may have and then have you sign the documents.

Direct Motor Group Paperwork
Step 4


Your Delivery Specialist will collect payment for the amount due at signing. If requested in advance, you may be able to pay using a credit card (up to a limit of $2,000).

Direct Motor Group Payment
Step 5

Vehicle Walkthrough

Once the paperwork is complete your Delivery Specialist will set up your Bluetooth, show you how to use the other features on your new car, and answer any questions you have.

Step 6

Trade-In (Optional)

If you have a trade-in, your Delivery Specialist will verify condition as described, have you sign any required documents, and give you a check for the agreed-upon amount.

Direct Motor Group Trade In